Wooden Venetians or Aluminium Venetian blinds, this type of slatted blinds is used to regulate light and air in a room.

If the slats of the venetian blinds are metals or aluminium it is known as METAL VENETIANS or ALUMINIUM VENETIAN BLINDS

WOODEN VENETIANS are the slatted blinds made of wooden slats. They are also called as WOOD BLINDS or BAMBOO BLINDS

Wooden Venetian blinds cannot be used into bath and shower rooms.  Wooden venetians are susceptible to warping or cracking and moist/humid environments are not really suitable for these types of blinds. In other words Wooden Venetians are best suited to rooms where the temperature is unlikely to change quickly. But Metal Venetian blinds can be very well used in this scenario. If you’re looking for a blind that won’t date Wooden Venetians is the ideal choice.

Metal Venetian blinds or Aluminium Venetian blinds are an ideal choice when you’re decorating your home. These blinds are water-resistant making them perfect for bathrooms and kitchens.

Whatever may be the slats used aluminium or wood, venetian blinds will be easy to maintain, use and install.