We always begin our day with high hopes but somehow, we never find the time to get things done. Often, we end up getting only half-done or nothing done.

Here are some 5 simple ways to stress free productivity in blinds business:

  1. Plan your day the previous night. When you make a mental plan of what you need to do for the next day the previous night, you’re at ease. This can be done even while doing routine tasks like driving or bathing or eating.
  2. Start your day with the most difficult task. If you keep postponing an important task for a later time in the day, you’re going to postpone it for the rest of the week. Start with the most difficult task. Let it take all your time. Don’t complain about it. It is the most important. Do it and then, feel relieved.
  3. Find the time of day in which you’re at your best. It can be morning or evening or even late night. Do your most important tasks during that time. Schedule the less important tasks to a later time. Make the most of your power time.
  4. Being busy is not equal to being productive. You can be busy all day, yet fail to do the important tasks for the day. This is why it is crucial to choose and do tasks that make the utmost impact on your work and life. This does not mean having a long to do list. This means doing important things. Pick up three Most Important Tasks you have for the day and do them.
  5. When you multitask, you wear yourself out and never get anything done properly. Replying to urgent emails or IM is fine, but don’t ever do two, three tasks at a time. Complete one task at a time and move to next. It will reduce your time on a task and also, boost the productivity in your blinds business.